The finale

Which team will win the finale of Guldagility 2022?

During Saturday evening the teams will compete in a spectacular finale!

During Saturday evening  the finale of Guldagility 2022 will take place! The entire arena of Fredriksskans will be transformed into a giant course for the qualified teams to compete on, where one team in each size category will conquer the title “Winners of Guldagility 2022” as well as the award of 10 000 SEK!

Create your own teams for Guldagility!

Create a team with participants from the same size category. The team sizes are the same as during regular team competitions – Small (XS and S), Medium and Large (L and XL). The teams does not have to be you regular team you compete in at home, the can consist of anyone competing at Guldagility in class 3, and they are only made for the Guldagility finale.

The team consists of four participants, one handler per competing dog. Please note that you as a handler can only compete with one dog per team, since your team will start from corners all over the arena in a spectacular team relay. So it is not possible to compete with two dogs in the same team – but you are allowed to be a part of several teams with different dogs in them!

The finale is only for dogs competing in class 3. The dog has to be qualified for Jumping 3 and Agility 3 no later than the day registration closes.

The registration for the teams closes on May 31th 2022, no fee is added for the registration of the team, but you have to be registered to Guldagility.

Do you want to be in a team and can’t find any teammates? Here is the form for you —> The gold contact

Qualify with the team to the finale!

Ten teams in each size category will qualify to the finale – small, medium and large.

The team qualifies to the finale with the combined results of the team member’s individual runs during Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The score for each individual run will be calculated by weighting the placements/results of each class and on how big the class is. We will use formulas that calculate the different points given, as some classes will be smaller than other.

It is the handler with the dog which qualifies as a teammate for the finale. 

The teams who are registered until May 31th 2022 is the teams that will be competing for a place in the finale. Change of dog or handler is only permitted after may 15th if it’s due to injury of one or the other. 

The spectacular finale awaits!

The finale of Guldagility will be a team event! The entire arena of Fredriksskans will be rebuilt into a giant course for the spectacular finale!

The teams will start on their allocated number. Each team member will be starting on different parts of the course. As a team you can make up your own starting order. The four starts in the team will be directly after each other, just like a baton. When the first dog starts the time starts, and when the last dog finishes, the time stops.

Coursewalk for all size categories will be before the finale begins. Each respectively height category will do their runs, lap of honors and cheers before the next class starts. The finale ends with the big and spectacular prize ceremony! 

Saturday evening during the Golden Week – we hope to see you all at Fredriksskans in Kalmar, Sweden for the grand finale of Guldagility 2022! 

open until 31th of May



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