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I'm back.

“When we do something in Kalmar, then we should do it well.”

In 2013 I ended up at a meeting with Destination Kalmar, who wanted to invest in a really big and cool agility competition the upcoming summer. A sporting event out of the ordinary with brand new approaches for us in the agility world. We were used with finales at regular competitions, but to have the possibility to win prize money? At the time there wasn’t anything like it, we were used to winning poop bags and bows for the effort.

If it were to be done in Kalmar, then it should be done well. The prize money of 10 000 SEK for the winner in each of the three size categories was unique in Sweden, and the competition attracted over 8 000 entries over the four days. Like every other big competition, we managed to plan it during the hottest days in 2014. The sun gassed warmly over Fredriksskans, the dogs were cooling off in the waters of Kalmarsund, the ice cream were the bestsellers for all exhibitors and the water bottles were constantly refilled.

In 2015, Guldagility was organized again. That time with over 9 500 entries.

It is now time again. Guldagility is back. Everything started with a text, a regular Wednesday at work.

“It would be wonderful to do Guldagility one more time. Can we meet up and discuss it further?”

For me, the agilitylover deluxe, this was like winning the lottery. I love agility. I love events. Most of all, I do love agility events! Most likely, I will never be at the top at a championship, I would rather stand on the floor, next to the winner on the podium. To be a part of creating this huge experience for competitors, judges, the audience and the volunteers is what I am most passionate about.

The feeling you have when you experience a genuinely lovely atmosphere – no matter how hot the sun is, or how many DQ you get, or how disgusting the tent gets by all the bird shit – that feeling is the one I want everyone to have after attending Guldagility. A feeling that it has been a really good competition no matter what.

 Ready, set and….. Go! Hereby we invite you to an agilityparty where everyone is invited! There will be competitions for the beginners as well as for the elite, some shopping and there will be an exciting team finale! The organizer is Växjö Agility – SAgiK, and together with an inspiring team from many different clubs, we gladly, with open arms, welcome you to Kalmar and Guldagility 2022!

Ida Q

Competition manager

Guldagility 2014

Guldagility 2015

Guldagility 2022

The group who organize Guldagility, consists of agilityenthusiasts from the following clubs:

These clubs are located close to the Kalmar-area and together we organize this event. Hosting club is Växjö Agility - SAgiK, but each and every club is a huge part of the event.