To compete in Sweden

To be able to register for Guldagility you will need to create an account in Agida, the Swedish registration-system. This is where you will register for the competition once the registration is open. CLICK HERE to Agida.

If your dog hasn’t competed in Sweden before you need to register it at the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). Foreign dogs with FCI pedigree must send a copy to Foreign dogs without an FCI pedigree must have a competition license and a copy must be sent to to get the Swedish registration number free of charge. If you do not have a competition license you have to register and pay for it at SKK, CLICK HERE

In Agida you will have to add the dog to your account with the registration number given from SKK. We also ask you to register the dog in the correct size category, in Sweden we have five possible size categories.

XS for dogs below 28 cm

S for dogs  below 35 cm

M for dogs between 35-42,99 cm

L for dogs between 43 – 49.99 cm

XL for dogs over 50 cm

If your dog is eligible to compete in either in the XS and L categories, you can choose if the dog should compete in either S or XL instead. Please note that you can’t change the size once you have chosen.

Your dog should be registered in the same, or corresponding class as you compete in, in your home country. That means, if you compete in Jumping class 2 and Agility class 3 at home, you register for Jumping class 2 and Agility class 3 in Agida.

To Guldagility you will have to bring the record book or license from your own country. The measurement of the dog has to be written in it and registered by a judge. It is in the record book where we will write any certificates, championships or the qualification merits taken during Guldagility.

To move up in the grades form class 1 to class 2, you need to have three (3) qualification merits taken in Sweden. According to Swedish rules you are not allowed to mix the merits from different countries to advance in the classes, it is the same rules for the certificates and champion-titles. If your dog already is a national champion, and qualifies for a Swedish certificate at Guldagility, then your dog becomes a Swedish champion in either Jumping or Agility depending in which class the qualification was done.

Note: Guldagility is not sanctioned by FCI, which means that it does not have an international status and therefore no FCI Agility certificate or CACIAg will be handed out.


  • Råkar man krama sin hund på banan får man en femma för beröring, men det kan det vara värt.


  • De vanligaste hundraserna på banorna är border collie och shetland sheepdog. Det finns ungefär en triljon av dom, vardera.


  • Under tävlingssäsong är det normalt att ställa väckarklockan på 04.00 en helt vanlig lördag.