Swedish stars and the international hall-of-fame!

Guldagility proudly present to you:

Stefanie Semkat has been a judge with us for both previous Guldagility, 2014 and 2015. As an international, much appreciated and a popular judge, she travels all over the world attending many big agility competitions, and we are thrilled to have her back at Guldagility once again!​
Stefanie Semkat
Fanny Gott is one of Sweden’s biggest agility-profiles. She’s an esteemed dog-trainer and instructor, both on site as well as online, she’s the author and podcaster. As a judge, she is superinteresting and creative. We are happy to have Fanny Gott with us at Guldagility!
With an eye for challenges beyond the ordinary, Tamás Tráj from Hungary is one of the greatest in agility with the world as his workplace. He is an appreciated judge, a beloved instructor - and we are incredibly happy to welcome Tamás Tráj to our team of judges!​
Támas Tráj
Jocke Tangfelt is highly wanted as a judge at international championships and major competitions all around the world, and has an impressive track record. If you love agility, you will also love a Jocke-course. We are so happy to have him - welcome to the team, Jocke Tangfelt!
Jocke Tangfelt
Seppo Savikko is a master at designing fast and challenging courses which put teamwork, a well-trained dog and all technical aspects at the forefront! He has judged at many championships both in Sweden and all around the world and we are super happy to welcome him to Guldagility and our team of judges! ​
Seppo Savikko​
Anna Käll competes and trains at high level with her dogs in small, medium and large. You can sure notice her genuine interest in good course design in her well worked through courses with exciting challenges and difficulties - adjusted for all sizes. We are so happy to have Anna Käll in our team!
Bernd Hueppe has been judging agility since 1997 and have judged in more than 20 countries, including two World Championships and two European Opens. He delivers absolutely fantastic courses; technical and fast - with safe lines for the dogs and surprising challenges!
Bernd Hueppe
She is a grain of gold among our Swedish judges, Emma Broberg. She designs courses that sparkle like the sun, with lines that spreads the joy of agility among both dogs and handlers. If we are happy to welcome Emma Broberg to our team of judges? Oh yes, we sure are!
Emma Broberg
Kine Eimhjellen - one of the most exciting, international judges going on right now! Spectacular and wonderful courses with agilitylove all over the design! We promise - you will be happy when you see it and try it! We are so happy to welcome Kine Eimhjellen to our team of judges at Guldagility!
To be able to run Malin Tångring-courses is a lovely experience! Always safe lines for the dog, mixed with challenges where technique, speed and knowledge about all the obstacles are put to the test. We are so happy that we have Malin Tångring with us in the Guldagility-team of judges!
Malin Tångring